Casting and forgings inspections

There can be no compromises in the component quality


In machine building you need to be sure the components meet the specification. Castings & forgings are often critical parts of a load bearing structure, where component failure is not an option. 

Balancing between over and under quality is no easy task. The cost effect of an arbitary engineering factor can greatly exceed the cost of a defect. In both cases value is lost but it is common the latter gets much more attention.

If we have deep understanding of our customer application, we can give valuable input in the design phase and help in defining acceptance criteria, making inspection protocols and professional inspecton of  the goods as well as helping interprete the observations.


Securing correct functionality

The parts have a function that needs to be fulfilled. Sometimes the specification is incomplete or is not unambiguous. We have experience in solving such issues and  asking the correct questions making sure our customers get not only what they say but what they truly need. 


Verifying internal properties, surface .



After an inspection, there is often input discovered for further improving the manufacturing process but also how to improve the specification.

Do you have in depth know-how of castings and forgings and time for making inspections? 

Our service consists of 3 phases:

  1. Acceptance criteria is defined
  2. Criterias are clearly communicated to the manufacturer
  3. Components are inspected according to a predefined plan

We can assist You and all these steps for assuring uniform quality.


Time saving

By using our services you can focus on your core activities raising you to a more proactive role with recources for more strategic work.

Existing supplier nettwork

Through Hentec you tap into our large nettwork of suppliers. We can iterate your ideas within the network and provide you with a summary.

Quality risk management

Together with Hentec, defects are designed into the product becoming properties instead of unknown risks.

In a similar way, the supply chain risks should identified and planned for.

Delivery time risk management

Managing time starts with realistic planning and excellent management and transparent communication in case of sudden changes that affect time.