Castings & Forgings

The choice of correct manufacturing method is one of our core competences

These manufacturing methods often substitute each other. They allow complex shapes and versatile material selection to fulfill future demand of lightweight highly stressed structures.

Having strong experience with castings and forgings, many of the subassemblies we deliver to our customers are based on these production technologies. By tapping into Hentec´s large network of manufacturers, we share with you their cultural, technical and innovation capabilities and scale advantages of existing volumes we already procure. We will also take care of your existing supply chain or together create a new one if needed.

Your objective partner

After rough optimization for Your specific needs, we will select the optimal method and process but also select the most suitable supply chain. 


The best balance

A supply chain can consist of prototypes, serial deliveries or less frequent  spare parts. These might require separate manufacturing routes. We help you in finding the best balance.

Deeper understanding 

Very often, our customers do not have full understanding of the casting or forging -related restrictions and possibilities. We help you harness the full potential of these manufacturing technologies and quiding you through the industry specific quality standards, terms and conditions. 

Quality assurance 

We help our customers with quality assurance. We have a vast experience in final inspections and have invested into a cutting edge optical 3D -scanning device to bring dimensional inspection to a new level.


Typically we deliver an entity or subassembly consisting of one or more castings & forgings that are machined, coated, assembled and inspected to be directly used in customers own assembly line. 

Related services

We inspect and verify the quality of the components we supply. It is essential to understand quality and parameters affecting the end result.


We offer you a one-stop solution for reduced total cost, better transparency and improved flexibility. We can deliver pre-assemblies directly to your assembly line or an end-to-end service by shipping the assemblies directly to your customer.


In cooperation with Hentec you can optimize components and assemblies to best fit your needs.

Optimized Components