Ceramic bearings

Ceramic bearings

Ceramic and hybrid roller bearings have superior properties over steel bearings when it comes to performance, friction and wear. They are preferred where running conditions and/or running environment are demanding, whether it's temperature, corrosion or inadequate lubrication that is a challenge.
Cerobear® is a leading designer of engineered ceramic and hybrid bearings, providing the most advanced technology and the flexibility to design and manufacture highly specialized bearing with a short delivery time.
Bearings are available as ball, roller and needle bearings, as radial, axial and combined bearings. Seals can be incorporated in the design. ISO standard dimensions can be delivered, but the majority of bearings from Cerobear are designed and tailored to the application. Ceramic rollers with advanced geometries is a specialty from Cerobear, allowing for highly optimized bearing designs.
Bearings are available from Ø6 mm to more than Ø500 mm. Ceramic rollers can be manufactured from Ø1,5 mm up to Ø50 mm.

Contact Persons:

In Finland:

Kenneth Nysten: Sales

Lise Larsen: Commercial quotations, orders, deliveries

In Norway and Denmark:

Ole-Petter Laksholm: Sales

Lise Larsen: Orders, deliveries

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