Component Optimization

Optimization creates value in every step of the machine building process 

Traditionally optimization methods are design for manufacture and assembly or design for cost. However, lately design for recycle or maintenance has grown in importance. Time to market is also pushed ever shorter with less resources to execute. 


Network of knowledge

No single company has all the knowledge in house but competitive advantage is defined by the capability of communicating the needs and utilizing external resources in an effective manner. In this network of knowledge, Hentec acts as a hub of information and we can speed up iteration of your concept to make a true optimization before design freeze.

1. Concept

Function, rough geometry design, material selection

2. Method

Evaluating different manufacturing methods: Weld Fabrication, Casting, Forging, Pressing, Machining, Additive Manufacturing, Coatings Selecting Their Sub-processes Based On Volume, Size And Complexity

3. Final optimization

Adapting Geometry and Quality Requirements to Specific Manufacturing Process

4. Procurement

Supplier Selection, Order Handling, Follow-up Deliveries

5. Quality assurance

Inspection Against Standards & Acceptance Criteria, 3D -Scanning of Geometry, Gatherings & Implementation of Learnings

6. Logistics

Logistics And Further Processing All The Way To Subassemblies 


Bolted connections

Our experts can help you optimize the connection, where there are space restrictions, need for downsizing or ensure reliability. The outcome is a better product for a lower total cost.


Bearing solutions 

We have a 20+ years experience with bearings technology within different field of industries. We can help you optimize ...


Hentec Audit 

Audits are among the most important tools used to evaluate suppliers but many companies face challenges in having the time to make them. 


Optimization of components is our core business

Hentec has a broad experience in helping customers optimize their products. The greatest value is created when truly understanding the customer need and utilizing the networks capability to innovate.