Expanding Pivot Pins

Expanding Pivot Pins
Easy installation and removal + the ability to adapt to holes that are far from perfect are two of the advantages of Bondura® Expanding Pins, making them preferred in many applications over a wide range of markets.
Bondura® designs and manufactures patented expanding pins, from a wide range of materials to suit the various applications and environments. 
The pins are available from Ø25 mm up to more than Ø500 mm, in multiple designs depending on accessibility and various other factors. Special tools to facilitate easy removal are also available, for purchase or hire.
To learn more about the different Bondura types, click on the pictures below.
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Contact persons:

In Sweden:

Jörgen Levander: Technical sales and consulting, +46 76 765 82 01

Lise Larsen: Commercial quotations, orders, deliveries, + 47 417 05 152

In Norway and Denmark:

Ole-Petter Laksholm: Technical sales and consulting, +47 417 05 150

Lise Larsen: Commercial quotations, orders, deliveries, + 47 417 05 152

In Finland:

Linus Lindblom:  Sales and consulting

As from 1.9.2020:

Kenneth Nysten: Technical sales and consulting, +358 50 4319 014

Lise Larsen: Commercial quotations, orders, deliveries+358 50 4319 012


Bondura 6.6


Can be installed from both sides of a support.

Bondura 6.1


Assembled from one side, and torqued from the same side.

Bondura 6.2


Assembled from one side, torqued from both sides.

Bondura Dual 36


For locking both the inner and the outer part. Assembled and torqued from both sides.

Bondura Dual 66


Used when it is necessary to lock the inner ring of a bearing, at the same time as the outer conical sleeves are locked to the support bore.

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