Hydraulic pumps

Hydraulic pumps and accessories

We offer a series of pumps in different sizes for both torquing and tensioning. The pumps can be operated by electricity, air pressure, battery or by hand.

We also supply high pressure hoses with different safety features in required lengths.

Contact persons:

In Finland

Linus Lindblom, Sales and Service Engineer - Technical Sales, Service, assemblies etc.

Kenneth Nysten, Sales Manager

Lise Larsen, Account Manager - Commercial offers, orders and deliveries


In Norway

Alexander Stjepic, Sales Manager

Lise Larsen, Account Manager - Commercial offers, orders and deliveries


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HydroMax hydraulic pumps for tensioning

HydroMax is the most powerful electric pump from ITH. It comes with a maximum pressure level ranging from 1350 bar to 3000 bar and in different sizes. The pumps can be equipped with standard remote controls as well as automatic pressure control (APC).

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Other pumps for tensioning

 We offer a wide range of pumps in different executions for tensioning cylinders, even up to 4000 bar.

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DAX- series hydraulic pumps for torque wrenches

The new DAX series is compatible for all ITH torque wrenches.

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Other pumps for torque tools

Manual, pneumatic and electric pumps for 1-hose systems like torque wrenches DRS and DKS.

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We inspect and verify the quality of the components we supply. It is essential to understand quality and parameters affecting the end result.


We offer you a one-stop solution for reduced total cost, better transparency and improved flexibility. We can deliver pre-assemblies directly to your assembly line or an end-to-end service by shipping the assemblies directly to your customer.


In cooperation with Hentec you can optimize components and assemblies to best fit your needs.

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