Hydraulic torque wrenches

Hydraulic torque wrenches

This is the most common method for large bolts. ITH hydraulic torque wrenches cover a range from 600Nm - 130 000Nm in maximum torque. The range consists of two double hose tools (CX and D-Flex) and two single hose tools (DKS and DRS).

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Lise Larsen, Account Manager - Commercial offers, orders and deliveries


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Hydraulic Torque Wrench type CX

High-speed system for
torques up to 40,000 Nm.
Compatible to all ITH pumps of the DAX series.

The asymmetrical support can be flipped in both directions and offers 360° rotation
Integrated push-button lock secures support quickly and easily on the splined housing

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Low profile Hydraulic Torque Wrench Cassette-type D-Flex

Flexible cassette-type hydraulic torque wrench: One cylinder unit of the hydraulic torque wrench can run up to 8 cassettes with different A/F.
Quick change mechanism "QUICK-AND-GO" between cylinder and cassette allows for a quick and easy interchange by hand.

Compact and light-weight tool.
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Single hose Torque Wrenches

ITH offers two different single-hose tools, DRS and DKS providing different reaction point areas.

Read more about DRS

Read more about DKS












 Sockets and hoselines for torque wrenches.

Read more about dual-hose system accessories here.

Read more about single-hose system accessories here.

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