Hentec Intermediate Storage

What is the unnecessary value of your inventories?


Do you know what inventories exist in your supply chain? What does these inventories cost you? Who is responsible for optimizing the entire chain of inventories? How big and where should these inventories be?

Today, companies have optimized their supply chains for minimal storage at the assembly site. At the same time, companies procure globally facing the challenge of large production lots for optimized logistics. These conflicting ways to operate results in compromises, supply risks and economic losses. In an optimized supply chain, warehousing should be minimized or take place in early phases of the chain were capital employed is low. 

Hentec will create value by optimizing inventories in the supply chain and providing the entities acc. to customers need just on time. Large companies internal rates are typically well above 10% where as our cost is less than half of that. This only alone can create mutual benefit.


Just On Time -deliveries

We can offer you intermediate storage -services for maximum flexibility as a supplementary service for our supply chain services


Consignement stock

We can offer you consignement stock for serial produced items


Inventory optimization within the supply chain

We optimize the inventories in the supply chains we are in charge of. This way we can improve efficiency of the supply chain for mutual benefit


Hentec Intermediate Storage Service

By offering our customer a consignment stock, we reduced delivery time of critical components thus lowering customers delivery time to their customers. Reduction in capital employed was also a key driver for not having their own stock.

Let us optimize that for you and deliver products directly to your assembly line.

  1. Minimize inventories acc to LEAN -principles
  2. Sub-suppliers are kept aware of their role and current status in the optimized chain
  3. Forecasts are the backbone of planning
  4. Active change management
  5. Providing customer capacity and availability information

More flexibility

In a changing market situation, intermediate storage gives flexibility both to production planning and delivery time

Less money standing in the warehouse

It is not worth to stand your money in the warehouse. When intermediate storage is implemented based on a long-term plan, capital invested in stocks can be reduced.

Lower risk levels

Delaying a single, critical component can mess up the rest of the production. Intermediate storage can minimize risks in different situations, such as a sudden increase in volume or supplier delivery problems.

Faster reaction time

Customer needs may change rapidly. Well-implemented interim storage strengthens its position in the market and can even bring significant competitive advantage.