Optical 3D -scanning measurement

Ensure the compatibility of large components before installation


Hentec provides 3D -scanning services with a cutting edge technology supplied by GOM

We are specialized on making quality assurance for castings, optimizing machining allowances or making virtual best fits for weld fabricated assemblies. However, new applications are invented in a rapid pace. The technology with an accuracy of 0,01mm can be used for reverse engineering, measuring coating thicknesses (object measured before and after) and even machining inspection.

A fast visual feedback reveals misshapes and dimensional phenomenon. The advantages are

  • better dimensional control and understanding during the entire manufacturing process
  • less surprises and risks and thus better total cost

In comparison to traditional coordinate measuring techniques, you get a cloud of points where from virtually any dimension can be analyzed afterwards.

  • Best on market analysing software with intuitive user interface free to be downloaded 
  • Stimulates your creativity for new ideas!


After contacting us and discussing your application, we will together evaluate the best way to measure, possible restrictions and things to prepare. We need a 3D CAD -model of the object to be measured, in case a comparative analysis is required. 



We conduct measurement depending on object size in 0,5-6 hrs.



We give you first feedback in the end of the measurement session and should your case require more in depth analysis, we usually need 1-2 days. Customers may also download the analysing software for evaluating the analysis file we made or conduction their own analysis.



1. We use portable TRITOP -system that measures coordinates of three-dimensional objects quickly and precisely independent from environmental conditions. Read more here.

2. In order to get a full cloud of points, we use Atos Compact Scan 2M to scan the surface and then "glue" each individual scanned surface on the coordinate system created with the TRITOP. In this way, very large objects can be scanned yet maintaining very high measuring accuracy between the furthest points of the object. This is not possible with a simple hand held scanning device.


Fast and mobile

3D measurement can be in different locations, in the places where components are

Accuracy up to 0,01mm

Project specific accuracy controlled and informed by software in-site

Full dimensions 

Full understanding of dimensions, not only individual pre-defined points

Unambiguous results

Visual unambiguous results leaves less space for interpretation and measuring mistakes resulting into more objective dialogue