Optimized Slewing Bearings

Optimized Slewing Bearings (diameter 350mm - 30m)

For large diameters, very demanding applications, more continuous needs as well as higher volumes, optimized slewing bearings are mostly the best choice.

Our experts are trained to ask customers and designers the right questions in order to fulfill even hidden needs and support in the optimizing the slewing bearing for best possible fit.

Contact persons:

Andrea Borg, Sales Engineer - technical sales and consulting, +358 50 4319 015

Laura Iisakkala, Sales Assistant - commercial offers, orders, deliveries, +358 50 4319 010

Kenneth Nysten, Sales Manager, +358 50 4319 014


Series 06


Single-row four-point ball bearing

Series 09


Double-row four-point ball bearing

Series 19


Three-row roller bearing

Series XX (Other versions)

Crossed rollers and other special versions available upon request

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We inspect and verify the quality of the components we supply. It is essential to understand quality and parameters affecting the end result.


We offer you a one-stop solution for reduced total cost, better transparency and improved flexibility. We can deliver pre-assemblies directly to your assembly line or an end-to-end service by shipping the assemblies directly to your customer.


In cooperation with Hentec you can optimize components and assemblies to best fit your needs.

Optimized Components