Seamless rolled rings

Seamless rolled rings – mass perfection

rothe erde® rings are important components in a greatly varying range of applications. They play a key role in slewing bearings, large gear units, large valves, production facilities, sprocket wheels, wind turbines, and pipeline construction and can be up to 8 meters in diameter, seamlessly rolled. A ring of this type can easily weigh as much as 30 tons.


rothe erde® seamless rolled rings and gear rings

-         most progressive ring rolling mills allow consistent high quality

-         outer diameter range from 300 mm to 8.000 mm

-         delivered as blank or pre-machined/machined according to your drawing

-         specific material testing  according to your specifications

-         nearly all classifications available


Contact persons:

In Finland

Andrea Borg, Sales Engineer - technical sales and consulting, +358 50 4319 015

Laura Iisakkala, Sales Assistant - commercial offers, orders, deliveries, +358 50 4319 010

Kenneth NystenSales Manager, +358 50 4319 014


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