Sliding bearings

Self-lubricating sliding bearings

Self-lubricating and maintenance-free products for demanding applications.
Hentec represents Federal-Mogul Deva GmbH which is a leading and well-known German manufacturer. Deva's bearings are self-lubricating and used in various applications like machine building, metal works, paper industry, oil-and gas and hydro power.
Deva’s products stand out by high performance and advanced material technology and are suitable in demanding environments where temperature, corrosion or the demand for long lifetime are the challenges.
The product range is wide and can be divided into roughly four product families: deva.metal®,®,  deva.glide® and  deva.tex®.
You can download the product range catalogue here.
More information can be found under the different families below and further detailed information like material data sheets can be sent upon request.


Contact Persons:

In Sweden:

Jörgen Levander: Technical sales and consulting, +46 76 765 82 01

Lise Larsen: Commercial quotations, orders, deliveries, + 47 417 05 152

In Norway and Denmark:

Ole-Petter Laksholm: Technical sales and consulting, +47 417 05 150

Lise Larsen: Commercial quotations, orders, deliveries, + 47 417 05 152

In Finland:

Ulf Haga:  Sales and consulting

As from 1.9.2020:

Kenneth Nysten: Technical sales and consulting, +358 50 4319 014

Lise Larsen: Commercial quotations, orders, deliveries+358 50 4319 012


Link to manufacturers page, click here.

Handbooks and brochures are available here.


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