Hentec Supplier Audit

Do you truly know who you are working with?


The Supply Chain is as strong as its weakest link. 

External resourced management is a task for talents. Audits are among the most important tools used to evaluate suppliers but many companies face challenges in having the time to make them. While audits provide valuable information about supplier processes, strengths and weaknesses, we believe that there´s more to the equation. Short or even deep digging visits alone cannot truly reveal the risks and possibilities collaboration can have. 

Communication culture, especially when things don´t go smoothly, is one of the hardest things to evaluate beforehand. Our aim is to understand our suppliers beyond the balance sheets, to promote open communication culture and to help our suppliers reach their true potential.

"Agile is about people – we do not purchase a ‘resource’; we invite people to collaborate with us" Mirko Kleiner, 2018, WAI.O.BLUE -company


Facts & Figures

We asses suppliers capability by evaluating their productivity, quality systems and how they are implemented.  A risk assesment is essential. The implications of a small detail can be dramatic regardless of the vendor size and spend.



Company culture is one of the most difficult things to measure and evaluate.  Is dedication to quality, seamless communication and willingness to take responsibility integrated to the company culture? Hentec´s task is to find this out!



The difference between a skilled supplier and innovative supplier can be huge. It all comes down to culture of communication; sharing information and have the courage to be wrong.


Qualified suppliers in Europe, North America and Asia

Our external resources consist of qualified suppliers in EuropeNorth America and Asia. Hentec is involved in both prototyping projects as well as serial production. The supply chain is always tailor made for the specific project to meet customers targets.

We want to understand our supplier´s culture, what truly drives them and their innovation capabilities. Becoming an partners is knowing each other also beyond the numbers.

Our mission is to look behind the balance sheet and happy faces to understand how co-operation works when it is stressed to the limit. The quality of communication and in depth understanding of the  manufacturing process is essential. This way Hentec can reveal the true potential of the supplier or help improving underlying weaknesses. 



Our current machinist suppliers are reputable companies with capability to both machine against very high standards and to verify their quality.


The time and money spent on moving things can be surprisingly big. We use a mix of global shipping companies and local operators specializing on their specific areas 

Foundries and forging shops 

Our suppliers base covers production os most metallic alloys suitable for different series and sizes. Our core is to understand the processes and share that with you for better decision making.


The differenece between a skilled supplier and innovative supplier can be huge. It all comes down to culture of communication; sharing information and have the courage to be wrong.