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Managing external resources and innovations plays a key role in companies success. Just doing the same better is not necessarily enough to meet end-customer expectations. Hentec offers its supply chain services for bringing value beyond cost reduction. Customer benefits are:

  • reduced fixed and hidden costs
  • smaller inventory
  • softer values such as flexible resources to create time and flexibility
  • access to our network and know-how. 

These all contribute to a lower total cost.  We provide a holistic approach where cost reduction is not achieved through tactical measures but sustainable solutions. We create supply chains based on suppliers abilities and optimal manufacturing processes, not on spot prices. We believe innovations can deliver true value to be shared instead of purely commercial zero-sum negotiations.


Hentec Outsourced Procurement

We believe that real savings can be achieved by avoiding sub-optimizing throughout the whole delivery chain. This is established with good understanding of customer needs and on the suppliers involved in the delivery chain.

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Hentec Supplier Audit

External resourced management is a task for talents. Audits are among the most important tools used to evaluate suppliers but many companies face challenges in having the time to make them..

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Hentec Intermediate Storage

Well-designed intermediate storage for component parts improves efficiency and reduces costs. Pre-assembling and interim storage of critical component components allow shortening of delivery time from weeks to even hours.

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New competitive edge can be achieved through supply chains: Targets are created together, the whole process is transparent and the benefits gained are shared by both parties.

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Optimized Components for Heavy Industry

In cooperation with Hentec you can optimize components and assemblies to best fit your needs.

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Engineering Support

With thorough design and by optimal selection of components a product is more than the sum of its components.

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