Hentec Outsourced Procurement

Our vision


"Purchasing must become supply chain management" - Peter Kraljic


Procurement is a larger entity than sole purchasing. Traditionally price, quality and delivery time are stressed, mainly due to simple measure ability. While these might give good indication on supplier performance, these don´t provide tools for better co-operation or take a stand to the other factors involved in procurement. 

Procurement consists, in addition to purchasing, of supplier relationships, technical improvement on manufacturability, logistics, risk management, handling of claims and non-conformities, warehousing etc. All of this has its own cost, total cost of ownership, which is much more difficult to measure. 

We believe that real savings can be achieved by avoiding sub-optimizing throughout the whole delivery chain.

This is established with good understanding of customer needs and on the suppliers involved in the delivery chain. Our target is to provide transparent operational procurement, that will free our customers resources for more strategic task. 


      We lower your total cost of ownership



Supply Chain Services create cost savings, give ideas and time for innovations, increase the possibility for flexible use of resources, to free up capital, and reduces the risks in the procurement process.  



Outsourced and technically competent supply chain management of total or individual parts of supply chains all the way from assemblies to deliveries to the end customer.

We take responsibility for the existing chain or build new ones.



We provide services with modern IT -tools, highly educated professionals, and our open communication culture.

Also with us, it is easy and fun to do supply chain management.

Hentec Outsourced Procurement

We believe in the evolution of supply chain management as part of a company's drive for greater competitiveness.

The traditional role of procurement has been at the bottom of the organization to look for cost savings and ensure availability. Today, advanced companies place SCM (Supply Chain Management) at the center of the business, where added value is more holistically delivered through active dialogue between suppliers, customers, and their organization.

Outsourcing is well suited for companies who want to become more flexible and cost-effective concerning scheduling, resource use, and engaging capital. New, fully outsourced operating model requires a different kind of business culture from both machine builders and suppliers and this our core competence. The cornerstones of Hentec Supply Chain Service is strong technical expertise, modern tools, and seamless communication to customer organization at all levels.

The Future of Supply Chain Management 

  • Environmental and social responsibility becomes good business
  • SCM is no more a supplementary function but must take its position in the center of the organizations
  • Who best manages external resources will win!

Anni Toppila

Supply Chain Manager - M.Sc (Eng.)


Better control of hidden costs 

Budgeting is refined when Hentec takes full responsibility for the hidden costs and solves the problems for you.


Better use of resources

Small issues can deliver significant problems in the control of supply chain. We provide more time for your resources to control better the big picture. 

Reducing delivery risks

We have a long experience in identifying risks and proactive measures in the supply chain management. Together, we decide on the level of risk you want and give you a continuous snapshot of supply chain variation.


Qualified suppliers

The Hentec network includes skilled and audited suppliers from different parts of the world.