Fluid film bearings

Fluid film bearings

Fluid Film technologies are used to provide bearings with extremely low friction and literally no wear. Provided the bearing system is correctly designed and maintained, contact between the bearing surfaces only occur at startup and during the final phase of run-down. The fluid providing the load-bearing film can be oil, water or process fluids.  
Waukesha Bearings® is a leading designer and manufacturer of engineered hydrodynamic bearings, active magnetic bearing systems and seals for high -performing pumps and turbomachinery in oil & gas, power generation, marine and industrial markets. 
Waukesha Bearings have developed advanced materials, including ceramics and polymers, to enhance performance in the most demanding applications. From fixed profile to the more advanced tilt-pad bearings, lubrication can be flooded, hydrostatic or "directed lubrication". 
The bearings are available as journal (radial) and thrust (axial) bearings and assemblies. Shaft dimensions range from less than Ø25 mm to more than Ø500 mm.

Contact Persons:

Jörgen Levander: Technical sales and consulting, +46 76 765 82 01

Lise Larsen: Commercial quotations, orders, deliveries, + 47 417 05 152

In Norway and Denmark:

Ole-Petter Laksholm: Technical sales and consulting, +47 417 05 150

Lise Larsen: Commercial quotations, orders, deliveries, + 47 417 05 152

In Finland:

Ulf Haga:  Sales and consulting

As from 1.9.2020:

Kenneth Nysten: Technical sales and consulting, +358 50 4319 014

Lise Larsen: Commercial quotations, orders, deliveries+358 50 4319 012

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